Ramadan 2024: A Time for Reflection, Community & Action Against Food Waste

With Ramadan comes a time of devotion and community.  

It’s also a time of tradition and reflection. So… have you noticed that we often over-prepare when we break the fast with iftar and get ready for the day with suhoor? 

While this over-preparation comes from a place of generosity, unfortunately it can lead to extra food waste. 

The challenge and opportunity 

Ramadan is a time where the spirit of community and hospitality is more vibrant than ever.  

However, it’s also a time when food waste doubles. In fact, it jumps up to 5kg per person per day - that’s equivalent to throwing away 27 carrots each, every day. 

Ramadan and food waste might go hand-in-hand, but by sharing and being more mindful, we can help our communities and the environment, honouring the holy month in spirit and in action. 

Action at home 

Knowing how to reduce food waste might feel a little daunting, but just a few simple tips go a long way. 

These are just a few simple ideas, but really, all it takes is a little extra thought. 

Consider the needs of your loved ones and plan accordingly to minimise Ramadan food waste and avoid over-preparation. 

Action in the community 

Whether you deliver leftovers to a neighbour in need, or help others in your community by making a Ramadan food donation, your generosity will align with zakat while preventing food from going in the trash. 

HeroGo & Ramadan: our commitment to making a difference 

At HeroGo, it’s always been our mission to fight food waste, and during this holy month, we’re committed to embracing the spirit of compassion, charity and mindfulness to change our world for the better. 

That’s why our Ramadan 2024 grocery boxes are designed to reduce waste, save resources and protect the planet. 

Not only are they full of fresh fruit and veg to help you prepare nutritious, well-rounded meals for suhoor and iftar, but they always come with storage tips and recipes to help you get the most from your food, especially during this time of fasting. 

However, we always say that food waste is more than just an environmental issue - it’s a social one too. 

During this holy month, we’re partnering with Ne’ma to make even more of an impact. 


Be part of the solution 

Are you ready to take action?  

This Ramadan, let’s embrace the time of devotion and community to tackle food loss and waste.  

By balancing the holy month’s tradition of generosity with actions that minimise waste, we can extend the positive impact of Ramadan to environmental stewardship and social welfare.  

Join our meal packing events 

Sign up to HeroGo’s meal packing events here, and not only will you help those in need, but by using rescued groceries, you’ll be fighting food waste and helping the planet too. 

Join us in making a difference, and together we can create a more sustainable future while making Ramadan 2024 a time of meaningful action and reflection. 

How are you fighting food waste this Ramadan? 

Whether you have some food waste tips or you’re holding a community event, we’d love to hear about it. 

Send your stories to: hello@herogo.ae