Fight food waste with high quality rescued groceries up to 40% cheaper

  • 🥕 33%+ of food is wasted because its  “too wonky ”, “excess supply”, “close to use-by date”, "mislabelled packaging", "seasonal editions" and leftover promotions - we can stop that!
  • 🥕 Fight food waste with us by ordering a sustainable box filled with delicious rescues from UAE farmers and importers.
  • 🥕 Check out our Shop with grocery staples to reduce food waste across more food categories at lower prices than you will find in the stores.

Our Add On Rescues


How it Works

1. Simply visit Pantry, check out our rescues of the week,

2. Already an existing HeroGo customer?  Log In to Your account and choose your Add-Ons and checkout the day before delivery by 4pm.

3. Not a customer & not ready to subscribe, but want access to more affordable groceries? Choose your One Time grocery box , add to basket then select your Add-Ons too (box must be purchased to buy other products.

4. Voila save food and money - up to 50% regular stores

What Our Heroes Say


Honestly want to just say how amazing the produce is, the tomato’s have been a quality I don’t even find in stores. 


The fruit and veg I received looked amazing and taste delicious. You're doing an amazing thing thank you. 



How Does HeroGo Work?

We are a online grocery store on a mission is to make food more affordable by fighting food at risk of waste. Because its rejected by stores for being odd looking or imperfect – but still pear-fectly natural or has close use by date, or packaging issues.

1- Choose your grocery box type and size from 50aed a box

2- Create your account

3- Your delivery will arrive before 7am the next day or your chosen date

note: you can always subscribe later for bigger savings

Where do you source your fruits from?

We work with local farmers and importers to rescue produce already in the country, but at risk of waste because it was either rejected by regular stores as its "odd" shape, "odd" size or colour and excess supply that would end in landfill.

Do I need to subscribe to buy from the Pantry?

No, we have launched a one time purchase grocery box in the Pantry just add your box to your basket. You can then choose your Adds On extras like eggs if you wish.

No subscription, no commitment required.  Whether you are visiting the UAE or don’t want to commit just yet.

Why are items not always available or the same?

The same way our grocery box contents change each week, our Pantry items will change depending what the food makers have at risk of waste that week. Some volumes may only last a day, and some may last a few weeks.