Our Mission

In the UAE, 3 million tonnes of food is wasted yearly - 1/3 of all food grown. HeroGo, the pioneer in the MENA region, is combating this through innovative technology. We're changing grocery shopping habits, offering affordability, convenience, and sustainability while addressing food supply chain issues. 

By partnering with growers and importers, we rescue 'odd' and surplus produce at risk of waste, delivering quality groceries to your doorstep. With savings of up to 40% on your current bill, we prove sustainability doesn't have to be costly. Every HeroGo box contributes to saving food, money, and the planet.

Changing the food ecosystem

HeroGo's unique approach saves you money and combats food waste, contributing to a sustainable food ecosystem. It's disturbing that 33% of food gets wasted daily due to not fitting 'perfect' grocery store standards. 

We celebrate food's natural variety, rescuing the 'oddly' shaped, sized, or colored produce, items close to sell-by dates, or in excess supply. Reducing food waste, we also tackle 8% of global greenhouse gases produced from waste. Working with our growers to accept their already grown at risk-of-waste produce provides additional value back to  farmers and creates a unique and diverse box for you each week.

Giving back to the community 

Almost 10% of the world is food insecure, meaning they don’t have access to food  or healthy food every day. The volume of food wasted globally is more than enough to feed the world population. So each box delivered we donate 2 meals to people in need to give back to our community and remove zero hunger. 


Our journey making positive impact

Launching a year ago in the UAE as a trio, HeroGo's mission has always been to reduce food costs and combat waste through technology. As we expand, so does our network of growers and importers, rescuing 'odd' and excess produce, adding value, and minimizing waste. Our growing community, including thousands of customers and businesses, supports this movement. With HeroGo, it's more than just groceries; it's about revaluing food, saving resources, and enabling everyone to fight food waste. Join us, where every grocery purchase supports a healthier wallet and a healthier planet.