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HeroGo and Ne'ma unveil a transformative initiative this Ramadan: the limited edition HeroGo x Ne'ma boxes. Designed with purpose and passion, these special boxes are set to provide 2000 households with nutritious meals for a week, sourced from reclaimed produce. This initiative not only addresses immediate needs but also underscores our commitment to combating food loss and waste.

The HeroGo x Ne'ma box, will be distributed to Hero’s and low income communities, which will be week's worth of meals per house hold of 4; and will be a larger movement to redefine consumption patterns across the UAE, promoting food loss and waste. Each box is a step towards building a social norm around responsible, sustainable consumption—aligning with the vision of our leaders and the values of Ramadan.

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The Urgent Need to Address Food Loss and Waste This Ramadan 

As we embrace the holy month of Ramadan, a time deeply rooted in reflection, devotion, and community, HeroGo and Ne'ma shine a spotlight on an issue that gains significance during this period—food loss and waste. While Ramadan elevates the spirit of generosity and togetherness, it paradoxically witnesses a marked increase in food waste. In the MENA region, where food waste is already double that of other regions, the amount of food discarded during Ramadan further escalates.

This surge not only contradicts the essence of Ramadan but also imposes severe environmental and social repercussions. Recognizing the gravity of this issue, HeroGo and Ne'ma are joining forces to inspire action and foster a culture of mindfulness and sustainability. By raising awareness and championing mindful practices, we aim to honor the true spirit of Ramadan—making a meaningful difference in our communities and safeguarding our planet.


litres of water

20K+ kg

fruit & veg saved

8,000 kg

of Co2 saved


boxes of 10kg produce enough for a family of 4+ per week

Every box of rescued fruit and vegetables represents a step towards a more sustainable future, reinforcing the importance of responsible consumption.

Together, we can transform our collective concern into collective action, fostering a culture of sustainability.


See how the UAE is Fighting food loss & Waste.  

Ne'ma a collaboration between the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Emirates Foundation and the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court. A reflection of UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, vision and call for action to address over-consumption and building a UAE-wide social norm around responsible and sustainable consumption.

Here’s how HeroGo and Ne'Ma are partnering to fight food waste and provide 2000 boxes of fruit and veggies.


Limited edition Ne'ma Box

What's Inside: Each limited edition Ne'Ma Ramadan Box is packed with up to 10kg of reclaimed fruits and vegetables, carefully selected to nourish a family of four for a week. These boxes not only provide healthy, delicious meals but also contribute to a significant environmental impact—each box saves approximately 1,300 liters of water and reduces CO2 emissions, embodying our mantra: "Big impact for small change."


10 Meals + per home

Nutrition and Sustainability: A single 10kg Ne'Ma Ramadan Box is more than just food; it's a week's worth of iftar meals for a family of up to four. This translates to approximately 28 meals per box, ensuring that every family can enjoy nutritious and satisfying dinners throughout the holy month. By choosing these boxes, you're directly contributing to reducing food waste and supporting sustainable food practices.


Our Collective Journey

Join the Movement: This Ramadan, your support extends beyond the dinner table. Together, we're not just spreading awareness about food waste; we're actively participating in a movement that celebrates responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. Let's continue to make an impact, reduce waste, and do good during Ramadan and beyond. a

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