Energise teams with healthy snacks that fight food waste.

Bring excitement to your workplace with a variety of sustainable high quality fruit.

Save Food. Save Money. Save The Planet (one banana at a time) , delivered right to your office.

Choose your perfect Mix

Choose the box most suited to your team, we can fill it with the firm favourites and also customise with something new each week. Our packaging is plastic free and eco friendly.

15-30 People
140 Servings of fruit
Choose your weekly Delivery day. Rescue 22kg of fruits, save 12 kgs of CO2e & 2400 litres of water!
3 Meals Donated per Delivery

Why choose a HeroGo Box?

With our unique alliances with many local farmers and importers, we curate a tasty and fresh seasonable fruit basket that is full of reclaimed goodies tantalising your taste buds.

Sustainable Fruits for your office

100% sustainably sourced, plastic free packing. Making a positive impact on our planet.

Help fight food waste

Be part of the change, and make a difference with rescued fruits in your office. We can all stop food waste.

Reduce carbon footprint

Receive a quarterly impact report - with your Co2e water & food saved from harming our plane

Increase team satisfaction

Engage employees with healthy snacks, and being more conscious about what and how they eat.

Surprise and delight your team with fruits that taste good and do good

Fight food waste with rescued fresh fruits that promote productivity, health and wellbeing

Reduce food waste

1/3 of food grown is wasted, we are on a mission to stop this. Let's consume more consciously. Join Us!

Exciting variety

Mix up your office snack routine and delight even the pickiest eaters with a variety of fruits every month.

More affordable

5 or 50,000 employees we have unlocked a new way to make healthy food more affordable

Easy ordering

Choose the box suited to you, customise when needed and reach out to our customer support all in one place.

Raise awareness

We don't only bring the fruits we bring the fun. We host workshops to prevent food waste, & employee benefits offers.

Feeding the UAE

2 meals donated to people who need it the most. We even join forces with our partners to double this.

UAE’s Most Forward-Thinking Companies Love HeroGo!

Hear From Our Community

We are loving HeroGo fruits delivered to the office, our team are far more engaged in what they are consuming and the impact this has on the planet. We get to provide more affordable healthy snacks, educate our team and also offset our carbon with the fruits rescued in our baskets. Love it !
Sam S
Marketing Manager
HeroGo deliver these rescued goodies to energise our office. We are all so surprised how any of this should of ended in the waste. Our employees are learning, we are making a more positive impact on this planet.
Sara D
Save food. Save money. Save the planet.
We get this amazing delivery of the best fruits from HeroGo, doing good for us but also the planet. Our reports showcasing how much carbon, water and food we have saved is a strong tool to be able to communicate internally and externally.
Tom E
HR Director


What's in the box?

All the firm favourites that are easy to grab and go in your office. Banana's, apples, pears, peaches, plums, berries, oranges, grapes and more. The box is customisable each week, you can exclude or add items by logging into your account. Based on the size of your box will determine how many pieces of each fruit in the box. Each week we ensure 6-8 varieties and consistency with the favourites.

Where do you source your fruits from?

We fight food waste by working with local farmers and wholesalers to reclaim produce at risk of waste either because its in excess supply or it may not meet the superficial standards of the supermarkets with size, shape colour differences. They are all fresh, good quality and ready to eat.

How do you deliver?

We partner with delivery companies to bring your fruits to your office locations. We can deliver early in the morning before 8am, so all your snacks are waiting for when your team arrive. Either to someone in the office, or left in safe place. Our fruits will come in a sealed box, and you will receive our office fruit basket that you can display your fruits in and drive awareness around fighting food waste and the positive impact you are having.

Are you any different to other companies?

Our mission is to fight food waste, we have a subscription model that allows us to reduce waste by partnering with local farmers and wholesalers who have fresh quality produce at risk of waste as they haven't been able to sell it.

Our prices are very competitive, and we provide Sustainability Impact Reports showcasing the CO2e offset, plus water and kilograms of food saved.

We host workshops and talks in your office about food waste, the steps we can all take and make your team more conscious about the food they eat when they grab those healthy snacks.

What is the pricing & payment methods?

Each office has different requirements and budgets. You can choose the size of the box above that best suits your needs. We have credit card payment method - set up your account online or if you require monthly invoice billing contact us to place your order. Orders@herogo.ae or WhatsApp.

Get The Perfect Experience for your Employees Today & Save the Planet!