Imperfect Fruit and Vegetable Box

With up to 10 types of veg and 5 types of fruit per delivery, our fruit and veggie box gives you plenty of variety.  

By ordering ‘ugly’ fruits and veggies, you’re helping us rescue perfectly good food that would normally go to waste. And, for every box delivered, we'll provide meals for two people facing hunger to help fight inequality. 

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Fruit & Veggie Box

Up to 10 types of veg and 5 types of fruit in your box

Small AED 61
Medium AED 87
Large AED 119

It's Rescued, Reclaimed, And Ready for You To Taste!

From bananas to carrots and cauliflower, we have a rich selection of groceries for your fresh produce delivery. So, you'll have plenty of delicious fruit and veg to enjoy at home, in the office, or at school.