Did you know?

1.3 billion tonnes of food goes to waste globally every year? And, 68% of this occurs before reaching you as a consumer? Mostly, just because of the way it looks?

My name is Daniel and this is why I started... 

I have been lucky enough to travel around the world, but when I return home to Nigeria, I am constantly reminded of how many people are going hungry.  

It did not sit well with me that, on the one hand, we are throwing away so much food - that we are hurting the planet - and, on the other, people are struggling to get a decent meal.  

It's a massive problem.  

That's why I started EroeGo - to make food more accessible and affordable. 

Join the fight against food waste!  

How does it work?


Sign up so your grocery bill goes down

Choose a box, order in one click, and we'll confirm the delivery day. 


We source your delicious, reclaimed food  

We pick fresh groceries we know you'll love, and we send them to you at significantly discounted prices.


Fruit and veg straight to your door

Every week we'll deliver your box of quality, sustainable groceries. And, for every box delivered, we'll provide meals for two people facing hunger to help fight inequality.

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Fruit and Veggie Box

Rescue up to 10 types of veg and 5 types of fruit in your box

Small AED 61
Medium AED 87
Large AED 119
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Veggie Box

Rescue up to 10 types of veg in your box

Small AED 50
Medium AED 63
Large AED 98
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Fruit Box

De-waste up to 12 types of vegitables & 9 types of fruits in each box. 

Small AED 69
Medium AED 100
Large AED 177
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